Since the end of February 2014, the term “TRF” has gradually become a nightmare for many people with the re-valuation of the Chinese currency, also known as the Renminbi. The resultant investment turmoil has led to the death of many small and medium enterprises in Taiwan. Banks were also accused of improper sales and non-disclose or even conceal of risk. Serious violations of investor rights and interests resulted as people found it difficult to defend their own interests.

In view of this, WHP Law Firm set up a research team to study the relevant legal issues, and from time to time published articles and research results in order to help many business groups understand TRF / DKO derivative products and related contracts and transaction documents. This service later extended to provide assistance to the relevant coalition groups, not only to update them on legislative amendments to the draft, but to also render professional legal advice. In addition, WHP Law Firm was appointed by many affected households to deal with pre-operations, bank consultations, mediation, arbitration, litigation and other matters.

WHP Law Firm requested in November 2016, that the attorney Huang Shih-han set up the WHP Financial and Legal Affairs Office to deal with TRF / DKO matters, particularly, financial transaction disputes. The members of the WHP Financial and Legal Affairs Office have professional financial backgrounds and vast expertise in their respective areas of expertise to handle the relevant legal disputes and non-litigious matters. The following services are available:

  1. To assist the parties in obtaining complete documents from the bank, providing the comparison and analysis of the documents and materials, and providing concrete suggestions to remedy the situation.
  2. To assist the parties appeal, consult and communicate – so that the parties do not have to deal with bank individually rather negotiate through group of professional lawyers.
  3. To assist the parties in conducting mediation proceedings with the Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI) and to apply to the Arbitration Association of the Republic of China. Arbitrating, negotiating with the bank in order to achieve reconciliation, mediation and, if necessary attending to civil or criminal proceedings.
  4. To assist the parties in the provision of the necessary legal advice and related services in the course of the TRF / DKO contract.
  5. Professional legal services relating to TRF / DKO and other derivative financial transactions.