TRF / DKO Dispute Resolution:

  • Conciliation, arbitration, litigation and other dispute handling procedures;
  • Financial Ombudsman Institution (FOI) conciliation procedure;
  • Analyzing compensation, preparing drafts and consulting;
  • Demand Banks TRF/DKO and related documents; and
  • Derivative financial products, trade disputes and professional legal services.


Company Consultation Service:

  • Corporate legal counsel,Company legal adviser;
  • Services regarding corporate internal affairs;
  • Drafting fixed sales contracts;
  • Registration of corporate entities;
  • Share equity disputes;
  • Drafting and/or reviewing contacts;
  • Negotiating, drafting or reviewing labor contracts;
  • Employment assurance contracts; and
  • Legal advisory and legal action services.


Real Estate Legal Services:

  • Estate legal trust/deed;
  • Management of contacts;
  • Real estate loan agreements;
  • Territory division management agreements;
  • Territory division issues;
  • Housing demolitions – reinstating properties; and
  • Real estate-related tax issues.


Legal services for financing capital markets:

  • Due Diligence, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Letter of Intent (LOI);
  • Formulating joint venture or cooperation contracts;
  • Creating company legal documents dealing with the listing of a company, OTC securities, capital increases, corporate bond issuance and other related documents;
  • Drafting legal contracts and giving advice regarding private investment and the raising of public funds.


Criminal Litigation

  • Litigating general criminal cases;
  • Private prosecution;
  • Defending financial criminal cases; and
  • Cases involving:
    • hazardous drugs and the contravention of regulations related thereto;
    • corruption;
    • firearm and ammunition control;
    • juveniles;
    • medical disputes;
    • traffic contraventions;
    • criminal appeals and re-trails.


Prosecution and Interrogation:

Accompanying parties to the investigation, interrogation, accessing the defendant, obtaining case information and rights protection.



Civil Litigation Services

  • General civil litigation services:
  • Sales, donations, leases, general civil contracts, partnerships and other civil service needs;
  • Housing demolitions – reinstating properties; segmentation of common property; adjacent property disputes ;
  • Debt disputes, promissory notes, check recourse;
  • Labor disputes, contract drafting, witnessing and reviewing; and
  • Letters regarding deposits, attorney letters, attestation of powers of attorney.


Family Litigation Services:

  • General divorce matters;
  • The division of matrimonial property;
  • Guardianship;
  • Parent-child litigation;
  • Alimony; and
  • Civil protection.



The Management of Wills and Inheritance:

Assisting in the preparation of wills, executing estates, inheritance, estate distribution, estate disputes and estate management.



Administrative Litigation Service:

  • Administrative proceedings;
  • Tax affairs;
  • Hearings or the giving of statements;
  • Administrative punitive events, and
  • State compensation events.


Patents, trademark applications and disputes:

  • National patent and trademark applications;
  • Searches;
  • Handling disputes; and
  • Infringement actions.



Litigious, Non-Litigious and sundry services:

Legal counsel, general counsel, civil and criminal cases, defense and litigation, non-litigation, enforcement, conciliation, attorneys’ witnesses and other related matters.