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About WHP

WHP was founded in 2003. Our service concept was determined through careful analysis of our service offering and by bridging it with the needs of our clients through the use of communication. In so doing, we are able to provide an ideal legal strategy and an in-depth proposal to clients. Our teams of dedicated professionals hold distinct expertise in different fields and are highly rated in terms of business acumen and industry knowledge which enables them to meet client obligations and needs. Please feel free to contact our world-class team.



Legal matters that we mostly deal with involve litigation and business contracts. It is well known that considerable expense may be incurred litigating a case. Therefore, assisting clients manage this burden is essential. We assist our clients by providing swift and effective action in litigious matters. Procedure and cost control is utilized in order to manage the whole process and then ultimately to satisfy our client’s needs.




We provide a full-scale legal strategy, circumspect legal research and standardized legal action. This is all done in order to achieve goals in a comprehensive manner while simultaneously balancing procedures, labor and time, to maximize our client’s interests.



Business activities are constantly evolving. Through the use of legal knowledge management, we continue to monitor domestic and foreign legal landscapes. Legal updates and overviews of pertinent legal matters are regularly published in legal articles. This provides exposure of our services, builds our firm’s credibility and also enhances the service level of our firm, thereby enabling us to provide an all-rounded service to our clients.

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